Geospatial data processing to support seismic emergency management

The module is composed of two courses: “Geospatial data processing and crisis mapping applied to emergency management” and “Seismic risk assessment for post-event management”.

The GPEM module provides the technological and organisational framework needed to accommodate geospatial information technologies and tools fit to the needs of civil protection and other agencies with responsibilities in seismic crisis management.

Meeting the real need for an interdisciplinary approach, GPEM equips students with methodologies and techniques for designing and implementing innovative geomapping solutions and enhanced treatment of geospatial data to support seismic emergency response. The key message of the activity is the crucial relationship between the architecture of current geographic information systems and geospatial data modelling techniques (including the more recent development of volunteered crisis data management and the mapping of crowdsourced data) and the soft aspects related to the cognitive and decision-making processes involved in crisis management. Likewise, diversified approaches, methodologies and parameters regarding the seismic hazard, vulnerability and risk/scenarios are proposed, especially on buildings and lifelines, at different territorial scales.

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