The coordinator of the CERM is Francesco Calvetti

The vice-coordinator is Francesco Di Maio

Student secretariat: Sandro Morselli, Elena Corbetta

Reference professors for second-year modules:

Engineering structures for the environment: Andrea Galli

Geo-engineering techniques for unstable slopes: Luigi Zanzi

Emergency plans for hydro-geological risk: Alessio Radice

Structure retrofitting: Roberto Felicetti

Transport management in emergency planning: Luca Studer

Geospatial data processing to support seismic emergency management: Scira Menoni

Professors with specific functions:

Admissions: Laura Longoni, Andrea Galli

Study plans: Andrea Galli, Marco Di Prisco

Erasmus and international exchanges: Gabriella Bolzon

Internship and training: Matteo Colombo

Graduations: Alessio Radice

Professor-Student Joint Committee: Patrick Bamonte

Teaching quality certification: Daniela Carrion

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