Career testimonial

Flavia Patrascu-

Flavia Patrascu (Romania)

graduated 2015

I am a civil engineer currently involved in the Risk Data Hub project, the European Commission’s web-gis platform meant to foster open-source data and methodologies for conducting multi-risk assessment at the pan-European level.
I chose CERM because of the unique perspective of incorporating risk mitigation into the Civil Engineering training. I am thankful to CERM for both the academic training and the life coaching. Attending CERM provided me the required skills to land highly competitive international positions. Above all, the program enabled me to grow my network and create long-lasting connections with some of my former professors and peers.
All in all, CERM is a brilliant academic program, and attending this program is an investment in your career. Invest in yourself!

Andrea Agosti

Andrea Agosti (Italy)

graduated 2018

I am a third-year Ph.D. candidate at Newcastle University (UK) working on slope stability in open-pit mining. My dissertation will involve developing a software, OptimalSlope, which computes the best slope shape, maximizing the slope inclination for the assigned stratigraphy, rock mass properties, and safety factor.
I chose the CERM because, although the courses are centered on the Civil Engineering culture, various disciplines are included, comprehending multiple engineering branches, land use planning, natural science, economy, and social sciences. The CERM provided me with the knowledge and expertise in emergency planning and management, structural and non-structural measures to mitigate risk by assessing hazard, exposure and vulnerability.


Edoardo Gattai (Italy)

graduated 2018

Best CERM thesis award


I’m a Civil Engineer currently working as Tender/Project Engineer at Boskalis International, a leading global dredging contractor. Beside dredging, Boskalis services include construction of ports (i.e. Port of Duqm), land reclamation (i.e. Manila International Airport), coastal defense and riverbank protection, as well as services to the offshore energy sector, emergency response and salvage (i.e. Ever Given vessel marine salvage operations in Suez Canal – March 2021).
The choice of the CERM at the Politecnico di Milano was immediate as soon as I discovered it. Being Italian, I prematurely developed a deep interest on the study of natural hazards like earthquakes, landslides and floods, since our wonderful country is periodically hit by these tremendous phenomena. As a rowing athlete in Florence and water lover, I have known the destructive actions of floods since I was a teenager. This brought me to draft a Thesis in Flood Risk at the end of the CERM adventure and, immediately after graduation, to collaborate with the Politecnico di Milano to map the flood risk in Italy, in response to the European Flood Directive.
Choosing CERM, you have the chance to study in one of the most beautiful Italian landscape, to be guided by passionate and top level professors and to develop all the required skills for a bright and highly competitive working future. As a very international program, CERM gave me the opportunity to discover different wonderful cultures and to meet students from all over the world, many of whom, today, I have the luck to call friends.

Hasan Sazadul

Hasan Sazadul (Bangladesh)

graduated 2013

I am a Civil and Environmental researcher currently involved in environmental water quality and water resources management research (Ph.D. candidate, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, SD, USA).
The CERM program is truly unique in integrating risk mitigation into the mainstream of Civil Engineering. This program gave me an amazing opportunity to engage myself in academic preparation, research, and learning advanced tools, which trained me with a combination of academic skill sets and research experiences to expand my career independently. I appreciated my journey in CERM and enjoyed working with supportive Professors and amazing peers from different countries. The resources and encouragements of this fabulous community are the primary strengths of the program.
Overall, I am grateful to be a part of CERM. I highly recommend attending this program to anyone having a dream to upskill their knowledge in the civil engineering risk management.

Ahmed Monofy

Ahmed Monofy (Egypt)

graduated 2018

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Politecnico di Torino specialized in studying river-related environment.
My choice for Polimi, in the beginning, was because of its high ranking among the world universities, and I chose the program of Civil Engineering for Risk Mitigation (CERM) because of the versatile fields that can be potentially open to me in the future.
It deepens your knowledge and understanding of many of the surrounding environmental problems and teaches you the right scientific way to analyze and deal with them. In conclusion, CERM is a great program designed to converge engineering science with risk management that results in future leaders who can observe, analyze and suggest solutions for the problems that strike our living environment.

Sara Rrokaj

Sara Rrokaj (Italy)

graduated 2019

Best CERM thesis award

I am a research fellow at the Politecnico di Milano. I deal mainly with flood risk and sediment transport. I am grateful to do what I am most passionate about, especially thanks to the valuable knowledge acquired during this study program.

I chose this master’s degree because my desire was to be able to make a valuable contribution as a civil engineer to environmental risk and natural disasters due to the climate change, that today more than yesterday, are increasing in frequency and intensity.

In addition, being a course attended by students from all over the world, I had the great opportunity to know and establish relationships with people with cultures also very different from mine. Appreciating their uses, customs, typical dishes but, above all, their points of view; giving me the feeling of doing a little “Overseas” in the enchanting Lecco 😊

Attend CERM to increase your preparation, awareness of natural risks, but also, to broaden your horizons and perspectives!

Ehsan Heydari

Ehsan Heydari (Iran)

graduated 2020


I am currently working as a civil engineer at Concreta s.r.l, an innovative company dealing mostly with regeneration of urban areas with the aim of enhancing both seismic response and also improving the energy efficiency of buildings in different cities of Italy.

I chose to study CERM at Politecnico di Milano primarily because it enables students to learn about different aspects of civil engineering with a concentration on risk-related topics, which is a very significant matter considering the amount of natural disasters that we encounter and the necessity to prepare for them.

I am very satisfied that I chose to study in this program since it equipped me with a wide range of abilities and skills for entering the market and playing a useful role for society as a civil engineer.