Zanzi Luigi

  • Qualification: Full professor
  • Belonging Department: Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale
  • Scientific-Disciplinary Sector: GEO/11 – Applied Geophysics
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Full Professor of Applied Geophysics at Politecnico di Milano since 2001. Responsible of the research group on Applied Geophysics at the Department of Structural Engineering. His areas of interest are seismic and radar signal processing and the development of geophysical methods for engineering and environmental applications. In his activity he has been involved in Government and Industrial projects on the use of the radar and sonic/ultrasonic techniques for NDT investigations. He was responsible of the research team of Politecnico di Milano in several European projects: an ESPRIT project (HOPE) on the development of a multi-sensor system (including a 3D GPR) for humanitarian demining, an EESD project (ONSITEFORMASONRY) on the development of NDT techniques for diagnostic investigations on masonry buildings, another EESD project (HYGEIA) concerning the development of geophysical methods for the assessment of contaminated sites. He was responsible for a contract with the Joint Research Centre in Ispra on the use of radar systems for 3D near-field imaging. Responsible for the activities on the development of geophysical techniques for Civil Protection applications such as assessment and monitoring of unstable rock slopes (PROMETEO project of Politecnico di Milano), localization of people buried in building debris (SOS-TEAM project funded by Lombardia Region) and monitoring of water distribution infrastructures (PROACTIVE project funded by Lombardia Region).
He has published more than 130 contributions on the international scientific literature of the geophysical and NDT sectors. He was Visiting Professor at the University of Miami in 2009-2010. He is member of the international geophysical societies (EAGE and SEG) and was president of the Italian section of EAGE-SEG in 2009-2010. Member (2005-2014) of the RILEM Technical Committee SAM (Strategies for the assessment of historic masonry structures with NDT). He received the EAGE Van Weelden Award in 1990.