Studer Luca

  • Qualification: Assistant professor
  • Belonging Department: Dipartimento di Design
  • Scientific-Disciplinary Sector: ICAR/05 – Transport
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Graduated in Civil Engineering – Transport Infrastructures, at Politecnico di Milano in 1996, he is a Researcher at the the Politecnico di Milano in the Scientific Sector ICAR/05 Transport and Manager of the Mobility and Transport Laboratory. He is predominantly focused on Transport Systems Management, Transport Planning, Traffic Techniques, Road Safety and Intelligent Transportation Systems. He is specialized in the study and research of models for assessing the vulnerability of transport networks, the development of methods and policies for managing networks in case of significant event, in elaborating policies and services for sustainable mobility and evaluation of ITS. He is a member of the Skill Point of the Civil Protection National Department – Research Group for transport management and safety.”