Computational analysis of structures under blast loads and impacts – Politecnico di Milano – Polo di Lecco – May 30th and 31th/ room B03

On May 30th and 31th, Prof. Krzysztof Cichocki, Koszalin University of Technology (PL), will introduce the topic “Computational analysis of structures under blast loads and impacts”.
The event, organized within the Erasmus+ framework, will take place in the morning in the room B03, Lecco campus.
The attendance is open to any interested person.

The assessment of safety under the increasing risk of exceptional loading exerted on structures due to impacts and explosions of various origins leads to complex numerical simulations, carried out in order to better understanding the nature of studied phenomena. There are many important problems associated with such kind of analyses: material modeling, contact algorithms assumed in analyses, simulation of load, discretization of the entire structure taking into account its all complexity, and finally the solution strategy. These problems will be presented and discussed in details on the basis of real-life engineering problems from very different areas: automotive industry, blast-protection technology, impact resistant structures, etc. Additionally the usage of most common finite element computer codes will be commented.